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I’m from Phoenix. My gal pal is from Albuquerque. Man, it’s been a struggle to find food that tastes like HOME in these parts. And then whaddya know? We stumble on this place and find out the OWNER is from the desert too. NO PRESSURE, right?

Well, truth be told I LOVED it! When was the last time you had creamy QUESO? And the salsa won’t believe this… but it was ACTUALLY spicy. I mean, it had some KICK there, junior. I had to ask for some more water from my server who did a GREAT JOB taking care of us.

Have you ever had BLUE CORN enchiladas? Oh wow…these were delicious! The chicken is juicy and generously blessed with GREEN CHILES. Nom nom nom. And holy cow, I haven’t seen GREEN CORN tamales on the menu in a zillion years. One of my favorites! Forget ground beef, order the SHREDDED BEEF Tacos. (sidebar: someone please explain why you put hamburger meat in tacos around here?…It’s like the antithesis of a taco, ya know). All of it was very very GOOD. The meat is ROASTED perfectly, it’s JUICY, and just soaks up all the wonderful FLAVORS.

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